ASAAU VIETNAM CO. LTD has started journey from September 2017, and the co-founder is Mr. Sanjay Bhagat who starts his company with 25 years of his wood business experience. We have own plywood factories in three countries Vietnam ?? , Laos ?? & India ?? and one office in Singapore ??.

First year, ASAAU company worked as trading company in various products, such as keuring round logs , keuring core veneer and face veneer, plywood , HPL laminate , rubber wood finger joint board, eucalyptus core veneer and eucalyptus and acacia hardwood mixed calibrated mat ply and plywood , we also did trading business of hardwood like pinkado.

After finish one year , company has set up a plywood factory in India, and end of 2019 company has set up a new plywood factory in LAOS , with very high technology and very high quality machine from India and Taiwan. Moreover, ASAAU produces only 100% keuring plywood and mixed hardwood plywood , our plywood and Matply with fully calibrated and fully sanding, fully polished. Now ASAAU has vision in 2021 that we are going to set up one more new plywood factory in Vietnam. Our company stabilizes and maintains our customers’ need for long terms.

In additional, ASAAU  Group has received certificate from VINACERT. VINACERT is the first certification organization established in Vietnam operating under Law on Enterprises in 2018. Certification of  VINACERT is recognized globally through accreditation of JAS-ANZ – a founding member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

The State of California through the Air Resources Board (CARB) has regulated the emission of Formaldehyde from Composite Wood Products. CCR 93120 took effect on January 1, 2009 for Wood Products manufacturers who make, sell or transport composite wood products within or through California.